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Why I think it is important to learn about the Treaty of Waitangi. As we all live in N.Z and we are a part of N.Z. So learning about the Treaty of Waitangi helps us understand the history of the country we live in. How this country got available to everyone. We also need to learn how Maori rights were abused and it is important to learn how there has been and still needs much more restoration. We also need to learn how Maori are the indigineous people of N.Z and N.Z is their homeland.

Task 1:

Examine the effects of early European contact and the responses of Maori.
  1. What was pre European New Zealand like?
  2. How did Māori respond to the early Europeans?
  3. What were the effects of early Europeans on Māori?

Task 2:

Explore and analyse the reasons why British presented Māori with a Treaty in 1840.
  1. Why did the British present Māori with a Treaty?

Treaty of Waitangi Websites:
By Seini
By Pasa
By Priyanka


external image waitangi-015.jpg
This picture show the early meeting of Waitangi National Trust Board, held in front of the treaty house.