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Well, it is essential to study and to be taught about The Treaty of Waitangi because:
  • WE could learn from our mistakes and move on.
  • To be able to learn about OUR/ NZ's ancestors.
  • WE are New Zealanders and it a part of the History
And most importantly:-
  • Maori rights were abused and it is important to learn how there has been & still needs to much more restoration.

Task 1

Web Address' from where we can find Information about The Treaty Of Waitangi:
http://www.nzhistory.net.nz/category/tid/133 -By Zaynah
http://aotearoa.wellington.net.nz/back/project.htm - By Pallavi
http://www.waitangi.com/politics/sign.html - By Taga

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Task 2

Check out this story that was created by us, it pretty awesome and original...............

Chapter Two
After all the changes in Maori lives, one question still remained - "Why did British present Maori with a Treaty?" Are they up to no good? Hmmmmm, maybe they.......they ......hmmm ....... I don't know.
So one day a Maori dared to ask their not-so-fun-to-talk-to Chief. This was a crucial moment for all. But this bold fellow approached the Chief and enquired, "E Chief, mmmm... tell me something...please. Why did the whites present US- Maori's with the treaty?" There was a long pause before the Chief spoke. " Son, tell everyone to gather at our meeting place, NOW!" All the whanau in the Iwi (tribe) were told to gather in their pre- European meeting place.
As everyone arrived, they situated themselves on the ground, before the tale began. The elderly Maori Chiefs and along with few well-known European missionaries sat in silence. "Well, the British presented Maori with the treaty because of many reasons," told one Chief. "Well these missionaries as well as others were worried that Europeans were buying land unfairly and wanted there to be a fair system that protected Maori from greedy land buyers from Europe. Most importantly, the missionaries were worried about the lawless Europeans and they wanted to make Aotearoa (NZ) a colony so laws could be created that the Europeans would have to follow." Everyone in the gathering were silent;their question had been answered. Then one missionary broke the silence, "So is there anything else you would like to know about or make clear of?" SCILENCE, "alright then, have a great day," replied the missionary, then everyone stood up and soon the meeting was over (quicker then anyone thought it would).
Now everyone had their answers and after all, the signing of ther Treaty was bad as it was thought to be....... Until there was something else...........
Created by

Zaynah, Pallavi and Mafutaga