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This wiki will be used by Year 10 students from Aorere College to communicate their knowledge and thoughts on the Treaty of Waitangi through a variety of web tools. Click on tasks to find out what we are doing.

While the aim is for students to learn about the Treaty of Waitangi and its relevance to New Zealander's today, I am also wanting my students to collaboratively problem solve, generate their knowledge and understanding and creatively voice their understanding and thoughts about the Treaty of Waitangi.

Class Notes

If you miss a lesson, now you have no excuse. Click on the notes that you missed below, or find them by clicking any of the links and looking for them on our notes blog, and get them into your book.

10OH daily notes
  • Differences between societies
    "Free Western Societies"What are they?The largest western society is the United States of America. Great Britain and many European countries are we...
  • 911 - Learning Outcomes
    The learning out comes for this part of the unit are:- Identify the causes of Militant Islamic Terrorism (Including Israel)- Identify reasons why t...
  • The Berlin Wall
    Please see the wikispace for notes about this.
  • Suffrage
    Please see the wikispace for notes about this.


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